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Is Your Yard Ready for Winter?

Mow Low & Aerate

Cut the grass down to 1 to 1½ inches, making it easier to aerate and to judge how much compost to add. If your grass is more than 3 inches tall, take it down incrementally over a few mowings—no more than a third of the grass blade at a time—to avoid stressing the plants. On a day when the soil is moist, not soggy—the core aerator's hollow tines can't easily penetrate hard, dry ground—take a couple of passes around the lawn's perimeter. This will provide a buffer zone for turning this heavy machine around as you run it back and forth over the rest of the lawn.

Top Dress  & Fertilize

Where grass is sparse, prepare for seeding by spreading a half-inch layer of aged compost. I hold a…

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The historic South Pearl Street business district has stood the test of multiple economic collapses since its inception in the early 1900's. Bolstered by the Denver tramway expansions of the late 1800's, the buildings on South Pearl street initially played host to grocers, tailors, early movie theaters, and multiple other goods and services oriented businesses that supported the growth of the surrounding the area. 

The rapid development of shopping malls in the late 1960's and early 1970's caused many businesses to abandon their historic brick and mortar locations in favor of the new space available in shopping malls. This caused the cost of real estate on South Pearl street to fall drastically, which in turn created the perfect environment for…

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