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Think green

Regardless of individual beliefs, most people can agree that we should all do our part to protect the earth, our environment and the health of our families.  I hope these simple, green changes will help you do just that. 


  • Use microwaves and toaster ovens to cook or warm leftovers. You’ll use less energy than cooking with a conventional oven.
  • Set your refrigerator temperature between 30 and 42°F. Use the power-save switch if you have one or unplug that second refrigerator in the garage.
  • Repair refrigerator door seals if you feel cold air around the closed door or if moisture is collecting and dust or vacuum the coils in the back
  • Replace a refrigerator bought in 1990 with an ENERGY STAR®-qualified model – energy-efficient
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Market Update: 1st Quarter 2016  Denver Real Estate

Average Sales Prices & DOM (Days on Market) Comparison

Market Comparison

What does this mean? Inventory levels are only slightly less than that of last year, homes are selling 2 days slower, and prices have gone up by approximately $33,453 higher than when compared to the same period of time last year. Denver is experiencing a robust increase in the average price of a home as it truly is a sellers market.

Buyers are more successful when they have an excellent Realtor counseling them with a variety of negotiation strategies to guide them through a multiple offer situation. With interest rates being where they currently are,  Buyers are still offered a great time to purchase.

If you would like to see how much your

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Case Shiller Graph

Metro Denver home prices rose 10.2 percent in January, marking the 12th consecutive month of double-digit annual price increases, according to the latest update of the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices.  Portland, Ore., recorded the biggest annual jump in home prices in January at 11.8 percent, followed by Seattle at 10.7 percent and San Francisco at 10.5 percent.  Home prices nationally are increasing at a 5.4 percent clip, twice the rate of inflation. Denver's home price appreciation is running at nearly twice the national rate.

"The low inventory of homes for sale — currently about a five-month supply — means that would-be sellers seeking to trade up are having a hard time finding a new, larger home," said David Blitzer, chairman of the index

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 Are Your Pets in Danger?

There 's no question that the warm Colorado weather is awesome. You and your dog are excited to go out and enjoy the warm weather with a walk in the park or a hike up the mountain.  Your dog stops to smell a daffodil blossom, then he suddenly chomps the whole blossom.  It's just a daffodil.  No harm done, right?  You may be surprised at the answer.

Dogs are drawn to strong scents and as such, sweet-smelling spring flowers are often irresistible to them. Cats are also instinctively drawn to green plants for digestive aid, and are naturally curious about new additions to their environment. Toxic plant ingestion for both species can include symptoms that range from vomiting and diarrhea to

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WalkScoreIf you’re not familiar with, you will be after reading this article. is a great website that lists a property or homes ability to walk to things like the grocery store, parks, restaurants, shopping and more. Think of it as an easy way to see how close your home is to the most things people need to do on a daily/weekly basis like groceries, shopping, or coffee shops and movie theaters.

Use this great tool to find what the ratings are for the homes you love most! Simply save on our site and visit to see the extras here.

Denver by nature is a very walk-able city. It’s urban area and public transportation offers quick commuting and most of the major streets have all types of mom and pop shops to

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Many people don’t want to buy or sell in the real estate doldrums of the first quarter. The first quarter (January 1- March 31) is tough in Denver, and most markets. Sales and inventory will take an expected dip, but that does not mean that it is impossible. After all, people always need to find a new home regardless of the time of year. It may take longer than you expected to buy or sell, but the competition is less fierce. These both are considerations you might want to consider.

According to AOL Real Estate, Denver housing was in the top 10 housing markets in the first quarter of 2013. This is expected to continue into 2014 as the jobs market continues to improve in 2014. However, selling or buying in the first quarter has special considerations

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