February 2017

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  • Kitchens don't always allow for accessories and decorations like other rooms in your home do, so you'll need to make the most of what you can use.  Gather up your frequently used spices and pantry items with pretty or unique packaging and display them in a woven basket or on a tray along with wooden cutting boards.
  • If you have standard issued white or oak cabinets, or if yours are looking a bit shabby, plan on painting them.  Be sure to properly prep each door before starting to ensure the best finish.  Choose neutral colors to compliment many different materials and finishes.
  •  A new faucet is an easy way to upgrade your sink.  Note the number of holes on the back of your current sink and go shopping.  You'll find a variety of
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Tips to Improve Your Home Security

  • Plan to "burglarize" yourself. You'll discover any weaknesses in your security system that may have previously escaped your notice.

  • Lock up your home, even if you go out only for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window.

  • Change all the locks when you move into a new house or if you lose your keys.

  • For the most effective alarm system, conceal all wiring. A professional burglar looks for places where they can disconnect the security system.

  • Your house should appear occupied at all times. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you're not at home.

  • If you have a faulty alarm that frequently goes off, get it fixed immediately and tell your neighbors
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