July 2016

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One amazing period of architectural design, the Mid Century home style has captivated the attention of would-be homeowners over the years. Yet, this unique craftsmanship and artistry has only pockets of neighborhoods where there are ample homes to choose from with this style.

To save you both time and effort, we've put together a list of neighborhoods where you can find many different styles of mid century to select from. Enjoy your hunt and familiarize yourself with these unique and wonderful communities.


Arapahoe Acres

Arapahoe Acres mid century modern home

One of Colorado's treasured and unique neighborhoods is Arapahoe Acres in Englewood, CO and by far, a shining examples of a Mid-Century neighborhood in Denver metro. Prices currently range from $400k to $500k.


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Do Your Part to Preserve Water Quality

Urban runoff is a significant source of water pollution, carrying sediment, oil, grease, toxic chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria and heavy metals into our nations' rivers, lakes and bays. I've pledged to do my part to preserve water quality, and I hope these tips will help you do the same.  And remember: If you've been thinking about moving up or investing in real estate, I'd love to assist you.

Pick up leaves and grass clippings.  Use them for mulch or compost for your garden rather than allowing them to make their way into storm drains.

Buy trash cans with tightly fitting lids.  Don't allow trash and other household debris to reach the street or storm drains.  Keep your cans securely

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Who knows better than parents that cleaning the house regularly helps keep germs at bay, prevents injury, and teaches your child a sense of responsibility.  Use the tips below to get your kiddo helping out around the house.


Instead of saying "Clean your room" be more specific.  For example, "Pick up all the Lego's and put them in the plastic Lego box" breaks a job down into smaller parts in a way that is easy for a child to understand.

Maximize closet storage space by hanging hooks for hats, belts, necklaces, tote bags, and robes a t a kid-friendly height.

Mount clips which are low enough for kids to reach.  They can hang up their creations for all to see.

Use a long ribbon or string hung on the wall with clothespins for attaching artwork.  This

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Can you remember the last time you were truly excited about the service you received?  Our clients can.  They receive the very best every time they contact us!

Whether you're buying your first home or  your last, we'd love to make you a part of our happy family.  To find out more, just give us a call.

From our Home Listing Kit to our Monthly Neighborhood Reports-we've got you covered.

We want to be your favorite real estate professionals!  Our easy approach makes the home buying process stress free - even enjoyable - for our clients.  Please don't hesitate to call if there is anything we can do for you.  And remember, your referrals are greatly appreciated!


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